Our Staff


Danielle Raimbault

Danielle has been a pastor at WMC since August 2020. She loves seeing the work that God is doing in the Cambridge community! In her spare time, Danielle likes baking, climbing, gardening, drinking tea and spending time in God's nature with her husband, two children and dog.

If you have a request for Danielle, please contact her via email.

KyongJung Kim

KyongJung has been a pastor at WMC since August 2020. He is passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ and His kingdom. KyongJung likes working with his hands and hearts together with others. He enjoys woodworking and loves outdoor activities, hiking, biking, and climbing mountains.

If you have any pastoral care needs, please be in touch with KyongJung.

Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth recently joined as the Administrative Assistant for WMC. She loves being a part of the church community and works to serve the people of the congregation. When not in the office, Elizabeth enjoys teaching multiple genres of dance to children of all ages. She enjoys spending time outdoors, and going for walks with her fiance.

If you have a request for the office, please contact Elizabeth.